Mizkan Leadership Team

Makoto Nakagawa

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Ponticelli

President and Chief Operating Officer

Tommy Isshiki

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Smith

Executive Vice President of Retail Sales/Food Service

Matthew Moore

Senior Vice President of Sales/Food Ingredients

Paul Callahan

Senior Vice President of Sales / Customer Development

Dan O'Leary

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Procurement, Distribution & Customer Service

Didier Aziza

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Ann Roberson

Vice President of Human Resources

Kevin Culver

Vice President of Operations

Shen Chang

Vice President of Quality & Food Safety

Joan Barron

Executive Director of Customers Service & Business Development

Mohammad Adnan

Executive Director of Information Technology

Elizabeth Barth

Director of Peppers Business Management

Brett McMullen

Director of Procurement

Alan Schmoldt

Director of Supply Chain Management