Grilled Seafood with Mixed-Olive Tapenade

The marinade for this grilled fish lends a subtle lemony flavor while a dash of anchovy adds depth and richness. Tapenade originated in France but is popular in Italy, Spain and other countries rimming the Mediterranean where olives grow abundantly.


Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette
1/3 cup NAKANO Seasoned Rice Vinegar—Original
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
Grated zest of 1 lemon
1 clove garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. drained capers
1/2 Tsp. salt
1/8 Tsp. black pepper

Mixed-Olive Tapenade for Grilled Seafood
1/2 Tsp. anchovy paste
1/2 cup pitted kalamata olives
1/2 cup pitted green olives, without pimiento
1-1/2 lb. fresh tuna steaks, swordfish, opah, halibut or other firm fish 


Combine vinaigrette ingredients in small bowl or measuring cup. Crush capers against the side of the measuring cup with a spoon; stir well. 

Add anchovy paste to vinaigrette and stir until dissolved. Place olives in a small food processor along with 3 Tbsp. vinaigrette. Process until finely chopped. Transfer to a small serving bowl; cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Place fish steaks in a non-metallic dish (a pie plate works well). Pour remaining vinaigrette over fish; turn to coat. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour if the fish is 1/2-inch thick, 2 hours if it is 1-inch thick. 

Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Remove tapenade from refrigerator. Drain fish, reserving marinade. For fish steaks that are 1-inch thick, grill 7-8 minutes over direct heat with cover closed (5-7 minutes if 1/2-inch thick). Turn fish and drizzle with some marinade. Close cover and grill 2-4 minutes more or until cooked as desired. Discard remaining marinade. Serve fish with Mixed Olive Tapenade. Garnish with chopped parsley, if desired.

Makes 4 servings (with 1 cup tapenade).

• Anchovy paste can be found with canned seafood in most grocery stores. The fish steaks may be broiled or pan fried, if desired.
• Cover remaining tapenade and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Serve with grilled chicken, in salads, or on crostini or pizza.


Per serving (fish): 480 calories, 44g protein, 11g carb, 29g fat (4g sat. fat), 85mg chol, 1120mg sodium, 0g fiber
Tapenade (per 2 tablespoons): 80 calories, 0g protein, 2g carb, 8g fat (0.5g sat. fat), 0mg chol, 420mg sodium, 0g fiber 

Grilled Seafood with Mixed-Olive Tapenade
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