About Mizkan America

Based in Mount Prospect, IL, Mizkan America is a subsidiary of the Mizkan Group, a global, family-owned company that has been Bringing Flavor To Life for more than 215 years.  As one of the leading makers of condiments and sauces in the United States, Mizkan America maintains 17 manufacturing facilities that serve the retail, foodservice, specialty Asian and food ingredient trade channels.  Since 2005, Mizkan America has seen dramatic growth and their portfolio now includes a wide variety of vinegars, Italian and Asian sauces, cooking wines, wine reductions, sushi seasoning, salad dressings and peppers.  

Mizkan America brands include:  Ragú® , Bertolli®, Holland House®, NAKANO®, Nature’s Intent®, World Harbors®, Barengo®, Mitsukan® and Rio Luna.  Mizkan America is also the exclusive distributor for Angostura® Bitters in North America.

About The Mizkan Group

The Mizkan Group is a privately held, international food manufacturer, headquartered in Handa City, Japan, with a heritage that spans more than 200 years.  Always guided by the company’s Two Principles (Offer customers only the finest products; and Continually challenge the status quo), the Mizkan Group offers a line-up of well-known international brands under the Mizkan umbrella and is a leader in the liquid condiment category.  The Mizkan Group has operating facilities around the globe in places including:  Japan, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Company Profile

In 1804, the Mizkan Group was founded in Handa, Japan, and, since that time, the company has expanded to the United States and the United Kingdom.

  • We celebrated our 215th anniversary in 2018
  • Our slogan is Bringing Flavor to Life™.
  • We hope to contribute to the well-being of the earth, society and all that dwell on it.
  • We aim to offer foods and recipes that unify taste experience and healthy choices as much as possible.

Mizkan Corporate Philosophy

  • Offer customers only the finest products
  • Continuously challenge the status quo



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