*Packing Sizes Available: bulk tanker (TK), 55-gallon drum (P2), 330-gallon tote (T3/T4)

Type of ProductMizkan Item NumberApprox. LBS./W.G.
50-grain Apple Cider Vinegar2020508.40
60-grain Apple Cider Vinegar2020608.40
80-grain Apple Cider Vinegar2320748.45
60-grain Industrial Dark Balsamic Vinegar THF2320689.20
60-grain, 6 Star Dark Balsamic Vinegar – 58-gallon drum2100609.19
60-grain White Balsamic Vinegar2320699.20
70-grain Malt Vinegar2320738.40
50-grain Red Wine Vinegar2321898.40
100-grain Red Wine Vinegar2322188.45
50-grain White Wine Vinegar2323268.40
100-grain White Wine Vinegar2322478.45
45-grain Seasoned Rice Vinegar2322838.76
85-grain Seasoned Rice Vinegar2320769.62
45-grain Unseasoned Rice Vinegar2320538.40
100-grain Unseasoned Rice Vinegar2320098.48
50-grain White Distilled Vinegar2010508.40
100-grain White Distilled Vinegar2011008.45
120-grain White Distilled Vinegar2011208.45
200-grain White Distilled Vinegar2012008.55
300-grain White Distilled Vinegar2013008.65
60-grain Balsamic Vinegar w/o Added Caramel2100688.99
Most vinegars available OU Kosher.


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