Mizkan America, Inc., Expands and Consolidates US Distribution of ANGOSTURA® bitters with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Effective Aug. 1, 2020, Southern Glazer’s will distribute ANGOSTURA bitters in an additional 19 U.S. markets, extending its strategic partnership with Mizkan to a national scope. Read more here.

Hispanic Shoppers Moving to the Mainstream

The acculturation of many Hispanic consumers has begun to affect their food-buying habits, according to the market research firm Packaged Facts, and those evolving habits mirror those of the mainstream market. Read the full article here.

10 Awesome Vinegar Life Hacks

There is no shortage of consumer vinegar tips on the web. Check out this video with ten quick-and-easy vinegar tips.

Mizkan Group to Acquire Ragú & Bertolli From Unilever

Ragú and Bertolli offer wide-ranging strategic and financial benefits for Mizkan. The US$2.15 billion transaction marks an important milestone in Mizkan’s global expansion strategy. Mizkan is strongly committed to long-term growth of Ragú and Bertolli. Read the full article here.

Sauce up Sales

Flip to page 62 of the May 2014 issue of Store Brands Magazine to read about what Mizkan professionals have to say about the rising popularity of ethnic marinades and sauces in relation to cleaner labels and consumer-friendly packaging.

How to Use Vinegar, from Malt to Sherry to Cider

This article from Bon Appetit offers some great tips on how to use different types of vinegars to compliment your day-to-day meals.


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