Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Jan. 1, 2020

Mizkan America, Inc., their direct and indirect subsidiaries and their parent and holding companies (jointly “MIZKAN,” “we,” or “us”) recognize and appreciate the importance of respecting your privacy. The following Privacy Policy (this “Privacy Policy”) explains how we use and protect Personal Data (defined below) that we collect, ‎store, use, transfer, and otherwise process‎.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by MIZKAN in connection with the brands we offer (find out more about Mizkan at This includes information collected offline through our Customer Support Centers, direct marketing campaigns, sweepstakes and competitions, and online through our websites, applications and branded pages on third party platforms and applications accessed or used through such websites or third party platforms (“Mizkan America, Inc.”)

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and forms part of the terms and conditions of use of the applicable Mizkan America, Inc. Sites. By accessing our Sites, you consent to our collection, use and sharing of your information as described in our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions, or any other terms linked this to this Privacy Policy as permitted by applicable law. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, our Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions or any other terms linked this to this Privacy Policy, please exit our Site. If you have any questions regarding our policies or your use of our Sites or Services, please contact us as described below in the How to Contact Us Section of this Policy.

If and to the extent you are in the European Union or United Kingdom, this Privacy Policy provides you with the information required by (i) the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation) (“GDPR”), and (ii) any other equivalent United Kingdom law relating to data protection, the processing of personal data, and privacy enacted as a consequence of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

If you are a resident of the State of California, you have additional rights associated with our processing of your personal information as defined under applicable California lase. See CA Privacy Rights.

1. Definitions

“Personal Data” means any data that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.

“Processing” means any operation or set of operations which is performed upon personal data, whether or not by automatic means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

“Site” means this Website, and any other site that posts a link to this Privacy Policy, including,,,,,,,,,,

“You” means any individual person identified or identifiable by personal data, as relevant for the context in which it is used in this Privacy Policy.

2. Responsibility for Your Personal Data

MIZKAN is responsible for its processing of your Personal Data under this Privacy Policy and is the data controller under GDPR. Currently, MIZKAN consists of the following legal entity:

  • Mizkan America, Inc. 1661 Feehanvile Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL, 60056, USA

You may contact MIZKAN regarding any questions or complaints related to this Privacy Policy as specified in the How to Contact Us section below.

MIZKAN’s designated representative under GDPR is Ashurst LLP, which can be contacted at, or as specified in the How to Contact Us section below.

Categories of Individuals About Whom We Process Personal Data

We process Personal Data from or about the following categories of individuals:

  • Customers and prospective customers of MIZKAN products and services (“Customer Data”);
  • Users of the Site (“Site Data”);
  • Individuals who are, or are associated with, MIZKAN vendors, service providers, business partners or other business contacts with whom we interact or seek to establish a relationship with (“Vendor Contact Data”); and
  • MIZKAN employees, and individual contractors and consultants (“HR Data”).

3. Categories and Sources of Personal Data Processed

We may collect and store various types of Personal Data about you, depending on the category or categories in which you fall and the reason for which the Personal Data is processed. The following is a general summary of the Personal Data about you that we may process in each category, the sources of such Personal Data, and the purposes of processing:

3.1. Customer Data

As any business, we collect and process Personal Data regarding our customers and potential customers with whom we may interact from time to time. When you purchase products or services from us, or express an interest in doing so, we may collect Customer Data from you. Further, if you purchase products or services from us via our Site, we may collect Site Data from you as outlined below.

Categories of Customer Data: The Customer Data that we collect and process typically consists of information such as name, address, email address, phone number, other contact data (e.g., business card data), and similar relationship type data, as well as credit card number, order information and history, and shipping tracking numbers.

Sources of Customer Data: We obtain Customer Data about you (i) directly from you, such as when you order products from us or sign up for an account, to receive newsletters, emails, or other information from us, (ii) from others (e.g., referrals), and (iii) from publicly available sources, such as Web sites (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).

Purposes and Legal Basis for the Processing: We process Customer Data for a variety of purposes, including to: (1) to provide the products and services and information you request from us, or which are part of a program you have joined or a purchase you have made; (2) provide you with information about marketing and promotions; (3) improve MIZKAN’s products and services to provide you with the expected level of products and services; (4) ensure our Site, products, and services are of interest to you; (5) process account activations and; (6) facilitate collections; and (7) provide or offer you newsletters, promotions and featured specials, other marketing communications, product or service awareness marketing, to conduct surveys, sweepstakes, prize draws, and other contests. We may also provide some of these communications online, via email, telephone, mobile/text messaging (including short message service (SMS), Mobile Message Service (MMS) and Enhanced Message Service (EMS)), push notifications on your wireless or mobile device (Mobile Message Service), and postal mail. Such processing is done in furtherance of and is necessary for the legitimate business interests pursued by MIZKAN as a provider of products and services. It may also be done to comply with our legal obligations (such as record-keeping obligations).

3.2. Site Data

We may collect Personal Data when you use a MIZKAN Site including,,,,,,,,,,, including when you use any of the interactive features, widgets, plug-ins, applications, content, downloads and other services that we may own and control and make available through our Site, mobile application or online platform (collectively, the “Site” or the “Service”).

Categories of Site Data: When you interact with the Service, MIZKAN collects Site Data about you both actively and passively. ‎We may collect two types of Site Data: (1) Personal Data about you that you voluntarily choose to provide to us, and (2) information related to your activities on the Site that we automatically collect as you interact with it (“Automatically Collected Information”).

  • Information You Voluntarily Provide: We collect Personal Data that you voluntarily provide in response to requests we may make at various places and through various mechanisms on the MIZKAN Site. The Personal Data we collect is usually limited to contact information necessary for the relationship, such as your name, e-mail address, physical address, phone, product preferences, etc. For example, we may ask you to actively submit such Personal Data when you establish an account with us, order products or services from us, register to receive a newsletter or email communications, submit an inquiry or request to us using a form or e-mail address link on our Site, send an email to a MIZKAN address or MIZKAN mail list that is listed on the MIZKAN Site, or participate in a MIZKAN membership or loyalty program or in one of our marketing programs. In such case, we will collect whatever Personal Data you voluntarily provide in response to our request. Further examples of features on our Service where you may provide us with your Personal ‎Information include:‎
    • Membership and Rewards Programs: When you create a MIZKAN account or enroll in a ‎membership or rewards program through our Service, we may ask you for certain Personal ‎Information, including your name, e-mail address, mailing address phone number, and date ‎of birth. You may also create and share with us login information that we will store in ‎connection with your account, including a user ID and password. When you manage your ‎profile online, you may have the opportunity to provide additional information about your ‎payment information and email subscription preferences. In addition, when you use our ‎Service while logged in to your account or rewards program, you may have the ‎opportunity to share your product preferences with us by indicating which items are your ‎‎“favorites.” In addition, our Service may allow you to use your account from other online services, including social media providers (such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to log in to the MIZKAN Service. If you use accounts from other services on our Service, those third parties may share information about you with us.  
    • Purchases and Payment: MIZKAN does not collect or store your credit card information via the Site.  
    • Surveys: If you choose to participate in a customer survey, we may request demographic ‎data or other Personal Data.  
    • Sweepstakes and Promotions: If you submit an online application for a sweepstakes or ‎other promotion, we may ask you to provide Personal Data. Please be aware that ‎such Sweepstakes and Promotions may carry their own additional terms, in which case ‎those policies would govern your participation.  
    • Social Media: If you choose to participate in our sponsored social media activities or ‎offerings, you may choose to give us access to certain information from your social media ‎account consistent with your settings within the social media service, such as your location, ‎check-ins, activities, interests, demographics, photos, status updates and friends list. You ‎should understand that you are subject to the terms and conditions and any privacy policies ‎of the social media site when using and sharing information on that site, and MIZKAN is not ‎responsible for the use and collection of your information on any third-party Web site.‎  
  • Automatically Collected Information and Cookies: In addition to information you provide to us directly, we may gather and store information about you automatically when you access and use our Service. Such information is collected via a variety of tracking technologies and third-party analytics services, such as cookies, Web beacons, embedded scripts, browser fingerprinting, entity tag, recognition technologies, and GPS or other location-identifying technologies. For more details about the information we automatically collect and how we use such information, please review our Cookie Policy.  
  • Information We Collect from Third Parties We may also collect information about you automatically from our partners, from social media sites, and from other third-party sources. We may append this information to the information we have on file for you and share it with others consistent with this Privacy Policy. If any such information is Personal Data about you, such as your name, it will be protected as such.  
  • Mobile Messaging Services We may make available a service through which you can receive text or other types of messages from Mizkan America, Inc. (such as SMS (short message service), or MMS (multimedia message service), or EMS (enhanced message service)), or push notifications on your wireless or mobile device (“Mobile Message Service”). If you subscribe to one of our Mobile Message Services, we will expressly ask you to agree to receiving such messages from Mizkan America, Inc. at the address or mobile number you provide for that purpose (unless and until you have elected to opt out of receiving such messages by following the instructions in the How to Contact Us section below or by changing the settings on your mobile device. You understand that your wireless carrier’s standard rates apply to these messages, and that you may change your mind at any time by following the instructions in the How to Contact Us section below. If fees are charged to your wireless account invoice, you agree that we may collect from you and provide your carrier with your applicable payment information in connection therewith. You represent that you are the owner or authorized user of the wireless device you use to sign up for the Mobile Message Service, and that you are authorized to approve the applicable charges. In addition to meeting certain age restrictions and any other terms and conditions associated with each Mobile Message Service, you may be required to register personal information such as your name, text message, wireless address or mobile phone number. We may also obtain the date, time and content of your messages in the course of your use of the Mobile Message Service. We will use the information we obtain in connection with our Mobile Message Service in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Please note, however, that your wireless carrier and other service providers may also collect data about your wireless device usage, and their practices are governed by their own policies. You acknowledge and agree that the Mobile Message Service is provided via wireless systems which use radios (and other means) to transmit communications over complex networks. We do not guarantee that your use of the Mobile Message Service will be private or secure, and we are not liable to you for any lack of privacy or security you may experience. You are fully responsible for taking precautions and providing security measures best suited for your situation and intended use of the Mobile Message Service. We may also access the content of your wireless and/or mobile phone account with your carrier for the purpose of identifying and resolving technical problems and/or service-related complaints.

Sources of Site Data: We obtain Site Data about you (i) directly from you if you voluntarily choose to enter Personal Data on our Site or Service, and (ii) from the data analytics software, cookies, and Web beacons that we may use on the MIZKAN Sites as described in our Cookie Policy.

Purposes and Legal Basis for the Processing: We process Site Data for the purposes of delivering products and services to purchasers, building relationships with existing and potential customers and other interested parties, communicating with such parties, and analyzing and improving the MIZKAN Site. This includes keeping such people informed about our products and services. If you are a customer or potential customer we also process Site Data for the same purposes as Customer Data noted above. Such processing is done in furtherance of and is necessary for the legitimate business interests pursued by MIZKAN to market and deliver its products.

We may also aggregate your Personal Data with data from third-party sources for purposes of data hygiene and analytics, as described under the heading “Analytics Services and Targeted Ads” in our Cookie Policy. As long as this data is anonymized, it may be used and disclosed in a variety of ways. If any data is tied to Personal Data about you, such as your name, we will treat it as Personal Data and it will be protected as such.

We use partners to better improve your overall browsing experience. They use cookies and other mechanisms to connect with your social networks and tailor advertising to better match your interests. You can elect to opt-out of this information collection by unticking boxes in link to Manage Preferences.

3.3. Vendor Contact Data

As any business, we collect, receive, and process Vendor Contact Data regarding our vendors, service providers, business partners or other business contacts and third parties with whom we may interact from time to time.

Categories of Vendor Contact Data: The Vendor Contact Data that we collect and process typically consists of information such as name, title, position, employer, email address, other business contact data (e.g., business card data), and similar relationship type data. Such Vendor Contact Data may also include details of your visits to our offices.

Sources of Contact Data: We obtain Vendor Contact Data about you (i) directly from you, such as when you or your organization offer to provide or provide services to us, (ii) from others (e.g., referrals), and (iii) from publicly available sources, such as Web sites (e.g., LinkedIn, your business’ Web site, etc.).

Purposes and Legal Basis for the Processing: We process Vendor Contact Data for the purposes of building and managing relationships with existing and potential vendors and other interested parties, communicating with such parties, and generally operating MIZKAN’s business. Such processing is done in furtherance of and is necessary for the legitimate business interests pursued by MIZKAN as a provider of products and services. It may also be done to comply with our legal obligations (such as record-keeping obligations), compliance screening or recording obligations, and financial and credit check and crime prevention and detection purposes.

3.4. HR Data

When you apply for employment with MIZKAN (whether as an employee, or as an individual contractor or consultant), when we evaluate your employment application and related materials (e.g., the results of pre-employment screenings), and thereafter throughout the course of your employment, contract or consulting arrangement, we obtain and process HR Data about you.

Categories of HR Data: The HR Data we collect and process varies by the roles and responsibilities that you undertake with MIZKAN, and our needs. Such Personal Data may include:

  • Individual Data: Your name, address, telephone and/or mobile telephone number, e-mail address, gender, marital status, date of birth/age, citizenship, relevant tax identification number(s), passport number, prior employers, education, prior employment history, results of criminal background screening, visa information, emergency contact information, name change information, CVs, etc.;  
  • Job-Related Data: Your payroll and salary information, bank account information (to administer direct deposit and/or expense reimbursements), benefits and pension information, dependent and beneficiary information you provide, information about reimbursable expenses you incur on our behalf, information about MIZKAN-owned equipment assigned to you, tax and government reporting information, information about your performance on the job, including reviews, appraisals, warnings, individual and management development plans and reviews, and information relating to promotions and position changes (including requests), information regarding your compliance with company policies and certifications;  
  • Special Categories of Personal Data: Your racial or ethnic origin, church affiliation (where necessary for deducting church taxes from your income), trade union membership, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying you, data concerning health (e.g., leave information, information on pregnancy or disabilities in order to comply with legal requirements), Social Security number, or data that you voluntarily submit concerning your sexual orientation; and  
  • Other Data About You: Any additional Personal Data that may be included on documents you submit or we obtain as part of your employment application or throughout the course of your employment, such as information contained on any employment application or cover letter, curriculum vitae or resume, diploma, transcript, license, statement of good behavior, background screening, employment contract, any related documents, reference check, identification card, request for leave, benefits, etc., and information collected from publicly available resources, professional license databases, and credit agencies, where applicable. Whenever you provide Personal Data about a dependent or beneficiary (e.g., in connection with benefits we provide to you), it is your obligation to inform such dependent or beneficiary of the fact that you have provided us with Personal Data about him or her, and to inform such dependent or beneficiary of his or her rights under this Privacy Policy.

Sources of HR Data: We obtain HR Data about you (i) directly from you, (ii) from our other employees (e.g., performance reviews by supervisors), and (iii) from third parties, such as government agencies, recruiters, employment agencies, screening companies, and references that you provide to us, as well as from publicly available sources, such as Web sites.

Purposes and Legal Basis for the Processing: Your HR Data is processed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining your employment relationship with us (whether as an employee or an individual contractor or consultant). The legal basis for such processing is that it is: (i) necessary for entering into and/or performing your employment relationship with MIZKAN, (ii) necessary for compliance with one or more legal obligations to which you or MIZKAN is subject (e.g., reporting to governmental or taxing authorities), and/or (iii) necessary for the purposes of the legitimate business interests pursued by MIZKAN in recruiting and employing personnel in order to provide its products and services.

4. How We Share Personal Data

We may share selected Personal Data about you with the following parties or in the following circumstances.

4.1. Intra-MIZKAN

We may share Personal Data about you between or among MIZKAN entities, subsidiaries, affiliates, or agents as necessary for the conduct of our business.

4.2. Third Party Service Providers

We may share Personal Data about you with third parties who perform services for us or on our behalf, for the limited purpose of carrying out such services to assist us in our business operations. This includes, without limitation, third parties that assist in managing our organization, hosting or administering the Site or other systems, sending communications on our behalf, maintaining or analyzing our data, or providing marketing assistance.

4.3. Corporate Change

We reserve the right to disclose and transfer Personal Data about you in connection with a merger, consolidation, restructuring, financing, sale of substantially all assets, or other organizational change.

4.4. Legal Requirements and Law Enforcement

We may disclose Personal Data about you when we believe in good faith that the law requires it; at the request of governmental authorities conducting an audit or investigation; pursuant to a court order, subpoena, or discovery request in litigation; to verify or enforce compliance with our agreements or policies and applicable laws, rules, and regulations; or whenever we believe disclosure is necessary to limit our legal liability or to protect the service or enforce the rights, interests, or safety of the Site, its users, or other third parties. We also reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we, in good faith, believe to be unlawful.

4.5. Consent

We may also share Personal Data about you in accordance with any express consent you or your authorized agent give us which is specific to the purposes of the processing which you will be informed about at the time we request such consent. You do not have to give such consent. If you do give consent, you may withdraw it at any time by contacting us (see How to Contact Us section below), however please be aware that such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of Personal Data collected and processed prior to the date of your withdrawal of consent.

5. Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data

MIZKAN may transfer Personal Data from one country to another from time to time. We will do so in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection law. Where we transfer Personal Data from the EU to any country outside the EU where there is no relevant adequacy decision, we will put in place EU Standard Contractual Clauses with such third party or otherwise ensure that a cross-border transfer condition required by GDPR is met.

Our data processing is currently done in the United States. If you are located outside of these countries, please be aware that the Personal Data we collect will be transferred to, and processed, stored, and used in the United States and/or Canada by us and/or by our third-party service providers.

6. Data Retention Period

We retain Personal Data about you for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law.

7. Personal Data About Children

The Service is not directed to children younger than the age of majority in your jurisdiction. We do not knowingly collect Personal Data from or about children under the age of majority in your jurisdiction via the Site and we will delete any such information later determined to be from or about a person younger than the age of majority. As a parent or legal guardian, please do not to allow your children to submit Personal Data without your permission. In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, in the event that we learn that we have collected Personal Data from a child under age 13 without verification of parental consent, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have any Personal Data from or about a child, please contact us immediately at

8. Links to Third-Party Web Sites

Our Site may contain links to other third-party Web sites, all of which are separate legal entities whose information practices may be different from ours. In addition we may maintain social media accounts or fan pages where you may be able to post information and materials on Web sites that are owned or operated by a third party. This Privacy Policy does not cover any such third party Web sites. If you link to a third party through our Service, or if you otherwise provide information on third-party Web sites such as social media accounts or fan pages, the privacy policy and terms of service on those Web sites are applicable.

We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of such third parties and, therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy policies of Web sites that you visit so that you understand how they collect and use your information before using such Web sites.

9. Protecting Personal Data

MIZKAN has implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks that are presented by MIZKAN’s processing of Personal Data (i) to protect your Personal Data from accidental or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction, and (ii) to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services for the Personal Data. Unfortunately, however, no security system or system of transmitting data over the Internet can be guaranteed to be entirely secure, and we do not control the data security practices of any third-parties.

For your own privacy protection, we encourage you not to include sensitive Personal Data in any emails you send to us. Additionally, please do not send credit card numbers or other payment information to us via email.

We will not contact you by mobile/text messaging or email to ask for your confidential Personal Data or credit card details. If you receive this type of request, you should not respond to it. We also ask that you please notify us at

10. Your Rights as a Data Subject

To the extent provided by applicable law, you have the following rights:

  • To request access to the Personal Data that we hold about you and to request that we rectify or erase it;
  • To request a copy of the Personal Data that we hold about you;
  • To request a transfer of your Personal Data from us to another data controller; and
  • To request restriction of processing of your Personal Data or object to its processing.

We do not impose any charge for these requests (except further copies of data). For any such request, you can contact us by e-mail, postal mail, or phone as specified in the How to Contact Us section below. We will endeavor to respond to all requests in a timely manner, but in no event longer than thirty (30) days although where your request is complex it may takes us up to a further two months to provide a copy of your Personal Data.

Updating Personal Data About You: If any of the Personal Data that you have provided to us changes, for example if you change your email address or if you wish to cancel any request you have made of us, or if you become aware we have any inaccurate Personal Data about you, please contact us as specified in the How to Contact Us section below. In addition, if you have an account on our Site you may access, review and update the information you provided to us at the time of registration any time by signing in to your account with our Service. We will not be responsible for any losses arising from any inaccurate, inauthentic, deficient or incomplete Personal Data that you provide to us.

Withdrawing Consent: Where the lawful basis of our processing under the GDPR is that you have consented to it for a particular identified purpose, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. To do so, please contact us as specified in the How to Contact Us section below. If you do withdraw consent, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing that was based on your consent before its withdrawal.

Filing a Complaint: In addition to the foregoing, you have the right to lodge a complaint in respect of your data protection rights with the applicable supervisory authority for data protection in your jurisdiction.

11. Third-Party Tracking and Do Not Track

Third parties may use tracking technologies in connection with the Service, which may include the collection of information about your online activities over time and across different online platforms and devices. This Privacy Policy does not apply to these third-party tracking technologies because MIZKAN may not control them and is not responsible for them. Do Not Track is a technology that enables users to opt out of tracking by Web sites they do not visit directly. There currently is no consensus among industry participants as to what “Do Not Track” means in this context. Therefore, like many Web sites and online services, MIZKAN does not monitor or take any action with respect to Do Not Track technology. To find out more about “Do Not Track,” please visit

12. California Privacy Rights

If you are a California resident, you have additional rights associated with our processing of your personal information. California Civil Code Section ‎‎1798.83 permits California residents who have supplied personal ‎information, as defined in the ‎‎statute, to us, under certain circumstances, to request and obtain ‎certain information regarding ‎our disclosure, if any, of ‎ personal information to third parties for their ‎direct marketing purposes. If ‎this applies, you may obtain the categories of ‎personal information ‎shared and the names and ‎addresses of all third parties that received personal information for their ‎‎direct marketing purposes ‎during the immediately prior calendar year or to request to opt-out of such future sharing. ‎ To make such a ‎request, please provide ‎sufficient information for us to determine if this applies to ‎you, attest to the ‎fact that you are a California resident and ‎provide a current California address for ‎our response. ‎You may make this request in writing at: Privacy Officer, Mizkan America, Inc., 1661 Feehanville Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056. Please visit our supplemental terms at CA Privacy Rights.

13. Privacy Policy Modifications

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we make material changes to this Privacy Policy we will prominently post a link to the revised Privacy Policy on the homepage of our Site. You can tell when this Privacy Policy was last updated by looking at the date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will become effective upon posting of the revised Privacy Policy on the Site.

14. How to Contact Us

For any questions about this Privacy Policy or how MIZKAN processes your Personal Data, to exercise any of your rights listed above, or for any questions or complaints regarding the manner in which we handle or protect Personal Data, we can be contacted as follows:

By e-mail:

By telephone: 847/590-0059 x-1384

By postal mail: Privacy Officer, Mizkan America, Inc., 1661 W. Feehanville Dr., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

If you are an EU Individual, you can also contact MIZKAN’s designated representative under GDPR:
Ashurst LLP
Broadwalk House
5 Appold Street
London, EC2A 2HA


Emergency messages can go here. (This will be turned off until needed.)